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Short Bio
Liz LaVorgna specializes in portrait photography and projects that create social change. Liz’s passion is to find the true core of someone and help them realize their inner strength while also affecting change in the viewer.
Accomplishments/Exhibits - History of Work

Liz's recent work has the common element of Art for Social Change.  

"When I fully realized the change that happens within a person being photographed, I realized the power that photography has to also affect change in the viewer and the world"  - Liz LaVorgna

DAPPER (2013)

The story of male of center identified individuals and their struggle to just “be” in the world. It gave a view to a community that many people are not comfortable with and created acceptance.


Perfect Imperfection (2014/2015)

A photo project that explored how people perceive themselves and how it affects them, ranging from body shame to emotionally charged topics like domestic violence. The exhibit was shown at Vermont Center for Photography in 2015 and received wonderful reviews.  The viewers experienced a range of emotions and really connected with the images and stories, creating understanding.  


Coffee & Conversation -Stories of Homelessness (2015)

A photo/multimedia project that brought together two cross-sections of our community; those who were experiencing/have experienced homelessness and those who had stable housing. Coffee & Conversation created awareness about how we connect as human beings and how we respond to community issues. The goal of the project was to help the community to connect and treat each other with kindness, respect and dignity.
Hungering for Home - Stories of Homelessness 2 ( 2016/2017 work in progress)
A photo/book project that will highlight what home looks like from the perspective of our homeless community. Some people are couch surfing at a friend's home, some live under bridges and some in tents or mattresses in a graveyard. Their day is spent searching, hungering for a place to "be" without harassment. The homeless are the "invisible" community that get overlooked and we want to shine a light on our neighbors' situations to create understanding and change by bringing the community together and ending the stigma of homelessness. A percentage of funds from the published book will go directly to the Groundworks Drop-In center.